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V.I.P Juneteenth Black Liberation Smoke Out donation

V.I.P Juneteenth Black Liberation Smoke Out donation

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Step into a transformative space on June 23rd where liberation and celebration converge at the Black Liberation Celebration. This Juneteenth event offers a safe haven for black individuals to gather, consume cannabis, and revel in empowerment. Join us for an immersive experience featuring premium cannabis products, live music, thought-provoking discussions, and vibrant art installations. It's a moment to honor resilience, amplify voices, and celebrate the journey towards freedom. A vip donation allows you access to the event along with unlimited dab bar privileges, a luxe gift bag consisting of 1 edible, 1 piece of merch, 1 pre roll, rolling papers, 1 infused drink + $5 discount at the Luxe Stoner booth. 

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